Pertsev Ivan MatviiovichDoctor of Pharmacy, distinguished professor of the National University of Pharmacy

(23.05.1929, Andreyevka, Kharkiv region) – a renowned scholar, teacher, Doctor of Pharmacy (1980), professor (1982), Honored Worker of Public Health of Ukraine (1986), distinguished professor of the National University of Pharmacy (2006).

He graduated with honors from the Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute (1954) and completed postgraduate studies. All of his teaching and research activities are related to the alma mater where he worked as a teaching assistant (since 1956), associate professor (since 1964), and since 1980 – the head of the department of Pharmacy Drug Technology. At the same time he was the vice dean (1961-1964), the dean of the Correspondence faculty (1964-1971). On behalf of the university administration he participated in the organization of the Pharmacists Improvement Faculty (now – Institute of Pharmacy Professionals Qualification Improvement (IPPQI)), became its first dean (1984-1992) and the head of the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Technology (1984-2002), professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Clinical Pharmacy of the IPPQI (2002-2003), professor of the Department of Industrial Technology of Drugs (since 2004).

Almost 25 years he was a member and the chairman of the Kharkiv regional Scientific Pharmaceutical Society, a member of the Central Problem Commission on pharmaceutical science and education, a member of the Expert advisory body at the Higher Attestation Commission, a member and a vice chairman of the Dissertation Council, was with the state regional commissions for certification of pharmaceutical employees in the branch; he is a member of the editorial boards of professional journals such as Bulletin of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Journal, and Clinical Pharmacy, a winner of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR and Ukraine. He was awarded by 5 medals, badges of “An Exemplary Worker of Public Health” (1970), “For Excellence in Work of Higher Education of the USSR”, certificates of honour of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine (1999, 2002), the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2005), the Pharmaceutical Association of Ukraine (2005), the regional administration and the National University of Pharmacy and diplomas.

His research is devoted to development of the combined medicines with the desired pharmacokinetic properties and the study of biological pharmacy problems.

He supervised 2 Doctors and 22 Candidates of Sciences.

The scientific achievements: the co-author of 19 medicines, of which “Levomecol” and “Levocine” are manufactured by the industry of Ukraine and Russia; the author of more than 450 scientific publications and patents, including “The practical course on Pharmacy Technology of Drugs ” (1964, 1972, 1978, 1995), the first textbook for professionals with the basic pharmaceutical education “Pharmaceutical and biomedical aspects of medicines” (1999 in Russian) and (2007 in Ukrainian), a handbook for doctors and pharmacists “Drug interactions and efficiency of drug therapy” (2002) and 6 monographs; the co-author of the concept of post-graduate education, the draft of the Law of Ukraine “On Medicines”, concepts and guidelines for infected wounds treatment, etc. He took an active part in preparation of the 1st (2005) and the 2nd edition of the Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia.

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