On December 12, 2019 an interdepartmental scientific-practical seminar was held

December 12, 2019 at: Valentinovskaya, 4 NFaU held an inter-departmental scientific-practical seminar “Questions of development and standardization of herbal medicines” with the participation of the Department of Plant Technology, Botany, Pharmacognosy.

The report was made

  1. Prospects for the use of pectins in pharmaceutical technology (Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of ZTL Khalavka M.V., Head: Ph.D., Professor O.A. Ruban.)
  2. Methods of identification and quantitative determination of xanthine glycoside of mangiferin in vegetable raw materials (postgraduate student of the pharmacognosy department AV Krechun, heads: Doctor of Pharmacy Prof. Kovalev VM, Ph.D. Ph.D. Mikhailenko O.O.)
  3. Prerequisites for the development of herbal remedies for desensitizing action (graduate student of the Department of Botany, S.A. Kotov, Head: Head of the Department of Botany, Professor Gontova T.M.)

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