Areas of work

Career guidance work of the Department of Factory Drug Technology continues during the school year and is an integral part of the functioning of the department and the school as a whole. All scientific and pedagogical workers of the department are involved in the work.

The main tasks of career guidance work of the department are:

  • organization of propaganda and information work and information activities in secondary schools (secondary schools 122, 135, 164, Specialized school 119, Kharkiv gymnasium 163) and colleges or schools of medical and pharmaceutical profile (Genichesk medical school);
  • providing advice to students and their parents on the conditions of admission to NUPh;
  • providing professional advice to students on the profession of pharmacist (prospects for professional development, staffing needs, the content of employment);
  • participation in parent meetings in order to disseminate information about the educational institution among parents (with a demonstration of NUPh Promo video);
  • participation in exhibitions, competitions, fairs, presentations;
  • participation in Open Days and other mass events (“Science Picnics” and the educational project “Night of Science” to promote pharmaceutical science among children and youth);
  • reading popular science lectures on the basis of secondary schools and conducting demonstration laboratory classes on the basis of the department;
  • concluding agreements on cooperation with educational institutions.
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