History of the department

In 1921, on the initiative of pharmacists – professors M.O.  Valashko, М.P. Krasovsky, A.D. Rosenfeld and the pharmaceutical community of the republic, with the active support of party and Soviet bodies, the first chemical-pharmaceutical institute in Ukraine was established, which marked the beginning of the state system of training pharmaceutical personnel and conducting research in Ukraine.

At the same time, a department was established to study the technology of manufacturing drugs, which was called “Pharmaceutical Practice”. This name was changed several times: “Pharmaceutical formulation” (1922), “Technology of dosage forms and galenic drugs” (1930), “Factory technology of drugs” (1976).

From 1921 to 1930 there was an independent course of technology of galenic preparations, which was led by Professor AD Rosenfeld. Under his leadership, research on chemical and pharmaceuticals was conducted, a program for the training of pharmacists and the structure of universities in this field were developed, which were approved and accepted in other universities in the country.

In 1930, the Department of “Technology of Drugs and Galenic Drugs” was established, which until 1935 was headed by Professor S.I. Kovalov.

During the next 6 years (1935-1941) the department was headed by Professor S.F. Shubin.

During the evacuation of the institute to Semipalatinsk (1941-1943) the department was headed by associate professor M.Ya. Volyn. At the beginning of 1944, the staff of the institute returned to the city of Kharkiv liberated from the Nazi occupiers and began training pharmaceutical personnel, primarily focused on working in the pharmacy network and restoring the destroyed material and technical base.

The department “Technology of dosage forms and galenic preparations” is headed by associate professor NL Lemberg (b. 1944-1945), Associate Professor G.A. Karpenko (b. 1946-1947).

In 1947, on the basis of the course of factory technology of drugs and galenical preparations, an independent department was created, which in 1976, in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of the USSR № 162 / 21-1276 of June 15, 1976 was named “Factory technology of drugs” . It was headed by Professor GP Pivnenko.

From 1978 to 1987 the department was headed by Professor M.Yu. Chernov.

Since 1987, the department is headed by Professor VI Chueshov.

Since 2004, the department of ZTL has been reformed into 2 separate departments: the department of “Industrial Pharmacy” and the department of factory technology of drugs, headed by Professor DI Dmitrievsky.

Since 2009, the Department of ZTL was headed by Professor O.A. Ruban.

In 2018, at the meeting of the Academic Council of NUPh, the winners of the rating evaluation of the activities of the departments and the work of the NPP were awarded based on the results of the 2017/2018 academic year.
8th ranking position among 42 departments of the university in the nomination TOP-10 “Best Department of NUPh” was taken by the Department of Factory Technology of Medicines.

On November 14-15, 2019, the Department hosted the IV International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference “Technological and biopharmaceutical aspects of the creation of drugs of different directions of action.”

September 09–13, 2019, assistants of the ZTL department Halavka MV and Kolisnyk TE took part in the 6th International Conference and Workshop “Plant – the source of research material” (Poland), where Kolisnyk TE made an oral presentation on the topic: “Matrix tablets as a delivery system for herbal drugs”, and Khalavka MV presented a poster on the topic: “Study of sorption of long-lived 90Sr and 137Cs radionuclides from apple and sunflower pectin solutions in VITRO”.


Heads of the department ZTL

Професор Півненко Г.П.
Професор Півненко Г.П.
(1947-1978 рр.)
Професор Чернов М.Ю.
Професор Чернов М.Ю.
(1978-1987 рр.)
Професор Чуєшов В.І.
Професор Чуєшов В.І.
(1987-2004 рр.)
  Професор Дмитрієвський Д.І.
Dmitrievsky D.I.
(2004-2009 )
Професор Дмитрієвський Д.І.
Professor Ruban O.A.
(з 2009 )

Employees of the department ZTL

Кафедра ЗТЛ 1976 р.
1976 р.
Кафедра ЗТЛ 2003 р.
2003 р.
Кафедра ЗТЛ 2010 р.
2009 р.
Кафедра ЗТЛ 2010 р.
2012 р.
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