General information

General information
Head of the Department:
Ruban Olena, Doctor of Pharmacy, professor

The Department of Industrial Technology of Drugs at the National University of Pharmacy, which is known in the CIS countries, as well as in foreign countries as the leading educational and research institution of higher pharmaceutical education and science, has a long experience in training of the qualified professionals for the pharmaceutical, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, research institutes and enterprises of related industries.

Today, the department has four Doctors and 12 Candidates of Pharmaceutical Sciences. At the Department 7 doctoral theses are performed. One graduate student and five applicants for a degree perform their Ph.D. theses.

The staff of the department publishes articles in leading journals, takes part in symposia, congresses and conferences in Ukraine and worldwide.

The strong material base of the department that is continually expanded and equipped with modern facilities allows to achieve these results. Laboratory works and seminars are carried out using modern technological equipment, video films about production of all kinds of drugs. Part of the practical classes and curricular practical training are carried out at the best pharmaceutical enterprises of Ukraine.

General information
The staff of the department

Academic activity of the Department

The academic activity is carried out in the following disciplines:

    • Industrial technology of drugs (for the speciality “Pharmacy”, domestic students of full-time education, the training period is 2, 4 and 5 years, part-time education, foreign students).

The aim of the discipline is to develop the students’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills in industrial production of the main groups of drugs according to the GMP. The discipline also considers the special equipment for conducting the technological processes, the current methods that are being implemented at the advanced pharmaceutical companies.

    • Modern pharmaceutical technologies (for the speciality “Pharmacy”).

The discipline helps to improve knowledge of modern pharmaceutical technologies involved in manufacture of extraction medicines; master technological skills of development and creation of syrups, lozenges; consider the production of effervescent dosage forms, caplets and pellets, medicines for injections using modern technologies; study the peculiarities of obtaining long-acting dosage forms and jelly production for internal use. The technological aspects of manufacture of medicinal balsams and elixirs, a new dosage form for parenteral use – karpul, structural and mechanical properties of ointments, etc., are also studied.

  • Improvement of the technology of drugs (for the speciality “Pharmacy”, domestic students of full-time education, the period of training of 2, 4 and 5 years, part-time education, foreign students):
    1. it is based on the study of the effect of excipients on bioavailability of drugs, the theoretical foundations and manufacturing processes of processing medicinal agents into drugs by obtaining the appropriate dosage form; it integrates with such disciplines of the curriculum as physics, mathematics, microbiology, physical and colloid chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacy drug technology, etc.;
    2. the range and composition of modern materials of domestic and foreign production are studied.

In addition, the Department also conducts the following:

    1. The practical training on industrial technology of drugs.
      The aim of the practical training is to get the practical skills by students regarding the technological process for manufacturing of various medicinal forms and substances commercially, to study the manufacturing equipment of the enterprise. Its content is determined by the specificity of a pharmaceutical company, the nomenclature of the apparatus equipment; in every case concerning a particular enterprise it is corrected by the supervisor of the practical training from the Department.
    2. Graduate internship (for the speciality “Pharmacy”).
      Internship involves in-depth study of the theoretical foundations and practical skills in the latest technologies of drugs in the industrial environment, methods for quality control and equipment. Internship is conducted in modern pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories.

The academic activity is conducted according to the credit based modular learning. New lectures in the form of presentations using video aids are prepared. According to the plan of the Education and Methodics laboratory the demonstration lectures and laboratory classes are conducted.

The term, graduation and Master’s research papers are performed.

Each year the Department participates in student competitions and conferences.ових конференціях.

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