(Українська) 26.09.2019 відбувся кафедральний науковий семінар

On September 26, 2019, the departmental scientific seminar was held at the ZTL department, where speakers: Ass. Wheelwright T.E. and as. Khalavka MV reported on the possibility of cooperation with scientists from the Medical University of Lublin and the University of Mary Curie-Skłodowska (UMCS), Poland and the results of participation in the VI International Conference and seminar “Plant – the source of research material”.

(Українська) 24 вересня 2019 р. участь у роботі міжнародної конференції-форумі

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09–13 вересня 2019 року прийняли участь у роботі 6th International Conference and Workshop

September 09-13, 2019 Assistants of the Department of ZTL Khalavka MV and Kolesnik T.E. participated in the 6th International Conference and Workshop “Plant – the source of research material”, where Kolesnik T.E. made an oral report on the topic: “Matrix tablets as a delivery system for herbal drugs”, and Halavka M.V. presented a poster on “Study of sorption of long-lived 90Sr and 137Cs radionuclides from apple and sunflower pectin solutions in VITRO”.